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Apply now and get your PhD at GHU

The Global Humanistic University will now offer a total of eleven scholarships to students around the world, who wish to study a doctoral program (PhD).

One of the scholarships will be worth 25.000, - USD and the student who has successfully applied will not have to pay anything. Ten of the scholarships will be worth 7.000, - USD, so the successful applicants will only have to pay 18.000, - USD for the PhD.

Successful candidates can complete the part-time Doctor of Philosophy study program from the GHU in their own native language. Good knowledge of the english language is required.

The programs are taught in Business, Finance, and Law and many other study fields.

Students will be enrolled at the Global Humanistic University and will receive their degrees (PhD) from the Global Humanistic University.

Experienced advisors and professors from around the world will assist students throughout the study program and help them achieve their academic goals, right through to the completion of the PhD.

The applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the Academic Board of the GHU. The letter of motivation (max. 1000 words), which you send with the application, is used as the main criterion for the evaluation.

All students who have applied for the scholarship and are ultimately not accepted will receive a discount of 1000, - USD if they still wish to enrol in one of the doctoral programs.

Apply now for a scholarship!

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