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General Terms And Conditions 

1. General Notes 
Insofar as personal names are given only in a gender-specific form in the following text, they refer to women and men in the same manner. 

2. Scope and transmission of information 
These terms and conditions apply to all contracts concluded with the Global Humanistic University. By registering for a study program, the consumer (hereinafter referred to as a student) agrees to these terms and conditions and is bound by them. 

By signing this application form, the student specifically agrees that all information concerning the conclusion of the contract (confirmation of registration, etc.) and the course of study will be sent to the e-mail address stated in the registration form. The student undertakes to announce changes to the current e-mail address to the Global Humanistic University without delay. 

3. Registration 
Registration for a degree program or course must be in writing. For this the following possibilities can be selected: By post, by fax, by email or by Internet. To register, use the ready-made form and complete it. Admission to a degree program is only possible after appropriate examination of the submitted documents according to the admission requirements. The admission procedure consists of the examination of the application documents and, if necessary, an interview with the advisor. An entrance exam can be provided. Since the number of students can be limited, the order of registration is a factor for admission. If all requirements are met, the Global Humanistic University confirms the registration by means of a confirmation of registration. The contract between the student and the Global Humanistic University shall be in force after the completion of the admission requirements and the receipt of the registration confirmation. It should be noted that the registration for a study program or course is always binding (pre-contractual obligations to protect).  

4. Terms of Payment  
All prices quoted on the homepage and the registration form is in USD. The payment of the tuition fee can be done in cash, transaction, or by direct debit. The entire documents for the study program will only be sent to the student or when the payment has been made. Compliance with the agreed terms of payment and the payment date / dates is an essential condition for participation and graduation. The entire tuition fee must be paid before graduation. The Global Humanistic University reserves the right to decline students who fail to meet their payment obligations on time. Access to the study documents will be blocked, and there will be no further support and it will no longer be possible to request examinations as long as the amount is outstanding. After an unsuccessful first reminder (payment delay of more than four weeks), an annual interest of 4% on the outstanding amount will be in effect and legal action can be taken. In this case, the total amount corresponding to the duration of the study or the completed credit points will be due in full and will be charged by Global Humanistic University, and not just the outstanding installment.  

5. Retention of Title  
Until complete settlement of all claims against the student, the delivered goods (i.e. DVD, scripts, etc.) remain the property of Global Humanistic University. The transfer to third parties in copy or originals is prohibited.  

6. Termination of the Contract 
Termination of the degree program is possible in the first six month after conclusion of the contract. The cancellation must be made in writing by registered letter. In the case of termination half of the tuition fee must be paid (USD 12.500,--). After six months after conclusion of the contract termination of the degree program is not possible. 

7. Deregistration of the Student 
The Global Humanistic University reserves the right to deregister a student due to severe disciplinary offenses (i.e. plagiarism, gross misconduct, etc.) or due to negatively assessed examinations in the individual study programs. The student undertakes to make a sworn statement regarding the correctness and completeness of his / her information. Incorrect information leads to immediate deregistration. The student is advised that all work is checked for plagiarism by specific software. Plagiarism constitutes a reason for decommissioning. Upon deregistration, 100% of tuition fees are due. In cases of minor plagiarism or other academic misconduct there is the possibility of a reexamination (€ 60, -), with an additional fee of € 250, - for the academic misconduct charge to be paid before the exam is taken again. The affected (part) exam can then at best be completed with a “sufficient” grade. In addition, the Global Humanistic University reserves the right to further legal action in the event of deregistration. If the student has already graduated, and plagiarism is detected after graduation this will result in the student losing his academic degree. 

8. Scope of Services 
With the registration for the Doctor of Business Administration study program, there is no entitlement to the provision of a study place. If no advisor or place of study can be provided by the Global Humanistic University, the tuition fee is not due and the application without mutual claims lapses, any amounts already paid will be refunded except USD 500,- which will be used to find an advisor. The tuition fees do not include: costs for additional work equipment such as PC hardware and software, law texts, reference books, own costs for telephone, postage and data transmission. The cost of travel, accommodation and meals when participating in mandatory or voluntary events. The examination fees in case of a recurrence. The cost of seminars and exams not from the Global Humanistic University. There are no costs for the use of telecommunications equipment that exceed the usual telecommunications charges.  

9. Duplicates of Certificates, Diplomas and Certificates  
In principle, the certificate and final diploma (plus a copy if the student requests the diploma prior to the formal presentation at the graduation ceremony) are included in the price. However, if the originals are lost and the student requests a duplicate, the flat fee is € 200, -.  

10. Seminar / Study Changes  
The Global Humanistic University reserves the right to definitively cancel advertised study programs / courses / examination dates for compelling reasons (for example, below the minimum number of required students or nonattendance of the lecturer and others). In this case, a participation fee that has already been paid for the event will be returned in full. A further claim for damages is excluded, as far as the damage was not the responsibility of the Global Humanistic University or by a person belonging to the Global Humanistic University, intentionally or through gross negligence. Unless the overall planning of the course is materially affected, the Global Humanistic University reserves the right to change lecturers and to postpone the timing of the course to an appropriate extent. Insofar as the privacy policy when registering, the student declares that his / her personal data processing is in strict in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act for the purpose of course and examination processing as well as sending it later information in connection with vocational education agreed until revoked. The data shall be treated confidentially and under no circumstances disclosed to third parties.  

11. Maximum Study Duration  
The duration of study is 7 years, beginning with the day of admission. Within these 7 years, all necessary examinations and work have to be completed positively. If the time limit is exceeded, exclusion is automatically carried out by the Global Humanistic University. There is no entitlement to a refund of the tuition fee.  

12. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions  
Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions of the Global Humanistic University are published on the internet at, including their respective entry into force by publication in a suitable form. For such, the student not exclusively favoring changes applies a notice period of 2 months. The students are expressly advised that sovereign decisions of the cooperation partners, irrespective of whether the course of study or the terms and conditions are affected, are to be implemented by the Global Humanistic University and that the students do not have an extraordinary right of termination or claim for damages.  

13 Additional Agreements  
Supplementary or modifying agreements must be signed in order to come into effect.  

14. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law  
Local Curacao law applies. If a voter jurisdiction is not excluded by law, the local jurisdiction of the competent court for the headquarters of the Global Humanistic University (Curacao) shall be deemed agreed. For non-merchants, the place of jurisdiction is determined by their place of residence. Study program or course, still for tuition fees.  

15. Copyright Protections  
The student acknowledges that the content provided on our online platform enjoys copyright protection. Any duplication, dissemination, or any other use of this content beyond its own private use is expressly prohibited to students.  

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